Freshwater Pools Australia uses Grander water conditioning technology to improve water quality and to reduce and finely regulate Chlorine usage, you will not even know there is Chlorine in your pool, (No Smell, No Taste).

Conditioning also eliminates the need for other balancing chemicals, the result is a pool uses 80% less chemicals.

This is achieved by using the following technology and methods.


Grander Water Conditioning Technology

The pool water is constantly conditioned, this results in

  • pH stability
  • Bacteriological stability
  • Increased resistance to Algae
  • Reduced staining
  • Significant increase in water quality
  • Reduced requirement for Chlorine
  • Eliminates need for all other chemicals 
  • Does not require consumables or replacements

Automatic dosing technology

The pool doser is automatically timed to dose at the optimum time per day, using high quality Astral pool, or Saltmaster dosers, this results in 

  • Minimized bather contact with Chlorine
  • Significantly reduced amount of Chlorine used
  • Increased equipment life span